Rates depend on a number of factors, from the depth and complexity of the project through to the circumstances of the artist.  If you are an unsigned artist for example, it’s still worth getting in contact.

All mix projects are different but if you are unsure how it works, here is a summary:

  • Contact us using the contact form on this website, describing your project
  • You can then supply your session. I can handle Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, Presonus Studio One, Cubase clearly labelled and organised stems.
  • Please do not provide a mixed project.  If you have effects you want to keep in the mix, please print these to stems
  • If possible, provide a rough 2-track mix and any other audio references you think will be useful in describing your desired sound
  • I often re-amps guitars in his studio so if possible, include any dry di’d sources too