There have been some great reviews for my new solo record all over the world – here’s some snippets from some English language ones I could understand…

Bruce Soord has come up with a collection of songs with depth and imagination… in the process he has created something remarkable‘ – Classic Rock Magazine

Space and almost ethereal feel are the hallmarks of this work and it comfortable stands up to repeated listenings’ – Acoustic Magazine

New releases regularly attract casual superlatives, yet for once, this is an album deserving of enormous praise. Soord has genuinely created something truly outstanding.‘ – Prog Magazine

the delivery is always imaginative, the arrangements well wrought and sensitive‘ – Guitarist Magazine

For those who’ve yet to discover the joys of Soord’s ever-growing discography, in many ways this is the perfect place to start. Deceptively simple, emotionally rich, this album shows Soord at the peak of his powers‘  – Echoes and Dust

Many well-known musicians in the past have drifted from their original bands for better or worse with a goal to differentiate themselves. His latest album does just that, but is surprisingly deep, passionate, and introspective ‘ – Crash and Ride

Bruce Soord’s solo album, Bruce Soord,  is a powerful tribute to the places that form us, and the effect that they can have on who we are and what we create.‘ – Proglodytes

Soord remains one of the most distinctive, consistent, and special songwriters and musicians‘ – Rebel Noise

It is sometimes said that ‘the Pen is Mightier than the Sword’ – currently amongst today’s singer-songwriters this reviewer’s Pen would say there are very few Mightier than the Soord. Bruce Soord easily stands comparison amongst the best albums of 2015‘ – The Progressive Aspect

and one of my favourites…

Even if you’d generally avoid prog like the plague, this album is well worth checking out‘ – Guitarist presents Acoustic Magazine