I came up with the band name ‘Pineapple Thief’ back in 1999. You see, back then I thought it would be a one album deal. Just an experiment. So me and the girlfriend (now wife) were watching an american indie film called ‘Eve’s Bayou’ – there was a scene where a girl steals a pineapple. Someone shouts out ‘I can see you pineapple thief’, I said, after a few too many glasses of Blossom Hill (I was young and poor) , ‘that’ll do for a name!’ – the rest is history….

The problem of course, as the reviews started coming in, was that everyone was comparing us to Porcupine Tree. Both PT. Both prickly. That’s the reason I changed the name to ‘THE Pineapple Thief’ after our 3rd album,

Anyway, it didn’t make much difference. I took this photo backstage of our shrink wrapped towels. This was at a show in Berlin a few years back. The curse of the Porcupine Thief. Or the Pineapple Tree!