I was lucky enough to tour with Katatonia in 2014, providing guitars, backing vocals and laptop duties (with a few keyboard parts thrown in for good measure).  The show we did at the Union Chapel in London was recorded and I was asked to mix it for the official blu-ray and CD release.  I supplied both the stereo and hi-resolution 5.1 surround mix.

Some praise:

‘Production and mixing on the concert are perfect – a rich, deeply layered soundscape that truly does make you feel as if you’re there. The vocals in particular are crisp, and percussion sits back in the mix, letting the melodies shine.’ – Steff Metal

‘One of the finest audio recordings I have heard and the high sampling rate tracked by my Oppo Blu-ray Player bears this out. Highly recommended’ – some guy on Amazon

It is (basically) unplugged, crisp, and sensational.  Of course, the production helps.  BluRay is on order.  I can’t wait! My neighbors are going to love the way it sounds! – A Metals State of Mind

The sound quality is great – Reflections of Darkness