All mix projects are different but if you are unsure how it works, here is a summary:

  • Contact us using the contact form on this website, describing your project and the kind of services you require.
  • We will respond, usually within 24 hours.  If you like what you hear, you can supply sessions in Pro Tools, Logic, Presonus Studio 1, Cubase or Nuendo.   Bruce works with Nuendo/Cubase so that is the best format to send if you can.  Or preferably, supply clearly labelled and organised stems.
  • Please do not provide a mixed project.  If you have effects you want to keep in the mix, please print these to stems.
  • If possible, provide a rough 2-track mix and any other audio references you think will be useful in describing your desired sound.
  • Bruce often re-amps guitars in his studio so if possible, include any dry di’d sources too.