Project Description

I remixed the stereo and created a new 5.1 mix of Opeth’s Deliverance.

Here’s some nice words from the Sonic Abuse about my 5.1….

Of the two albums you might imagine that ‘Damnation’ might fare better from the surround mix because the music’s forward-thinking arrangements suit the multi-channel placement of instruments better, but you’d be wrong. Bruce Soord is a genius when it comes to sound placement, and opening track ‘wreath’ demonstrates just how immersive a surround mix can be when done by a master musician with imagination and skill to spare. Simply listening to the way the instruments slowly swim into view via the various channels is a delight and the clarity and resonance of the mix is truly a delight. As the song progresses through a wide variety of musical pastures, so the new, expansive mix allows percussive elements and vocals to shift around the room. Nothing here is gimmicky and, like Pink Floyd, the progressive grandeur of the music seems tailor-made for multiple channels. The power of the album, which always impressed, now truly blisters in the third dimension and when the title track kicks in like an atom bomb, it’s hard to avoid the adrenalin rush that normally only greets you when hearing such a track for the first time. Put simply Bruce has done a fantastic job that expands upon the original version in almost every way, giving fans the chance to hear the record in a completely different light.