On October 30th this year, Song/Music for Nations are releasing a 4 disc set of Opeth’s Deliverance and Damnation.  I re-mixed Deliverance and Steven Wilson mixed Damnation.  This was quite a project, taking the original Pro Tools sessions from 2002 and remixing in my native Cubase (version 8).   The focus for me was to approach the mix from a different angle to the original, bringing the drums more to the fore, extending the low end and making more use of the ‘atmospherics’ Opeth are renowned for.   At the same time, I wanted to respect the original mix which I also enjoyed.

The interview with me in the latest issue of ‘Prog’ magazine quotes a light hearted comment I made about being released with Steven, ‘it’s almost like a mix off’!  Of course, the two records are profoundly different, they cannot be compared sonically.  None the less, it feels great to be involved with such fantastic company.

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